General GK320 Epoxy TUBE - 300ml

General GK320 Epoxy TUBE - 300ml

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- Imported from ITALY

Full or hollow bricks• Cement• Concrete sandstone• Facing bricks • Marble • Granite • Natural stone • Engineered stones • Wood, etc.

Makes easy and safe any application of pins, bars,rebars• No tension development due to the expansioninto the base material• No unpleasant smells• Suitable as filling and repairing mass in restoration andrecovering• Thin selected granulometry

- How to use:
Drill the hole of the needed diameter and clean it carefully.Apply the static mixer to the cartridge and insert the cartridge intothe dispenser. Extrude the chemical anchor into the hole and fill it 2/3 andthen insert the bar, the pin or the rebar. Request the Technical Data Sheet.

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